The Wonders of Computing

 Aug, 21 - 2010   Interest

I’ve written before about the home theater PC (HTPC) I setup a few months ago.  I spent a ton of time getting it setup initially, running software called XBMC (  It was great for the initial time, but it only ran movies I streamed from my server.  That’s all fine and good, but it was […]

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A Week with the HTPC

 Jun, 15 - 2010   InterestLife

So, after a week of struggling, fighting, and generally cursing computers in general, I’ve gotten my setup to work. The original intent was to run Wireless (Draft-N) standard to stream my movies from my server in the office (which is less than 10 ft away).  That didn’t go so hot.  For whatever reason, despite the […]

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Home Theater PC (HTPC)

 Jun, 07 - 2010   Interest

When I bought my new Blu-Ray player in March, it kept me from building out an htpc. Or so I thought. My Sony works with my home network, and was supposed to be able (after a firmware update due this summer) to play content from any of my PC’s. That was the plan. Little did […]

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